Frequently Asked Questions

Bellouco charges an initial fee in two stages.  The first is to source your factory and the second payment is to obtain a sample according to your specifications or supplied tech pack.

As part of our service is Quality Control, we charge our Quality Control fee as an ongoing percentage of the production price.  This rate lies between 12-15% depending on the complexity of the product and the number of stages of production. 

Sourcing a reputable supplier for your goods is the first and most significant hurdle to overcome to manufacture successfully in China.

Often trading companies and agents will pose to be a factory when in fact they are merely commission agents. This means that not only verification of the supplier is almost impossible, but Quality Control further on down the line is virtually non-existent.

Bellouco does not stop at sourcing your supplier; we also perform essential due diligence to ensure the factory we put you in touch with is registered with the government and complies with government regulations regarding labor and environmental compliance laws.  Not only do we verify the factory but we also to assess the supplier's pricing structure, lead times, product quality and prior track record.

Our Production Manager will oversee all aspects of your sample production. Our sampling procedure ensures your product is made to a supplied tech pack or specifications.  If you do not have a tech pack, we can point you in the right direction to get one.

The sample production is an important process as it allows you to review the pattern, materials used and overall structure of the item. Often companies will ask for more than one sample.  Our team is there every step of the way to ensure your sample is what you have requested.

Quality Control does not just involve checking the product before it ships.  We perform Quality Control throughout all stages of the production process.  If you are making sheets, for example, we would consider this a fairly straightforward item. However, Quality Control is still performed at the textile/milling stage, dying, during production and then the final check of packaging and factory exit.

A more complex item may be a seasonal jacket, produced for one season only.  The amount of work involved in Quality Control at each stage of both acquiring materials and producing the items is more considerable than a simpler product such as a sheet. 

We believe regular Quality Control checks at all stages is imperative. It is pointless doing a check just before shipping and then realizing that the product is sub-standard. We conduct QC checks throughout the manufacturing process. Quality Control is an ongoing process that alerts you to problems before they begin.

All prices quoted are FOB Shanghai.  FOB stands for “Freight On Board” and means that your goods have cleared export customs and is loaded onto the boat or plane as part of the cost.  Quoting an FOB price is standard practice.  We encourage our clients to use their freight forwarder to organize shipments to whichever destination the goods are being shipped to. 

Having a relationship with a freight forwarder has many benefits including sourcing the best price for your shipment, regular updates concerning you shipment time-line, and the ability to sort out customs issues for you when or if they arise.

Contact us!  It’s that simple. We need to ascertain what stage your business is at and how we can best assist you.  Whether you are an experienced manufacturer or if you are just starting, we can walk you through the process. Finding a manufacturer in China is daunting. But Bellouco can help. We have established relationships with high-quality manufacturers in textile mills, printing factories, and stitching factories.  

We have developed relationships with some of our factories over a 13 year period and only work with suppliers we trust explicitly.  We welcome any confidentiality agreements such as NDA's and are happy to organise to get these signed before any IP is released.

A tech pack is an informative sheet that designers create to communicate with a manufacturer all the necessary components needed to construct a product. Typically designers will include measurements, materials, colors, trim, hardware, grading, labels, tags, etc. Any crucial aspect of your design needs to be described in your tech pack. The more detailed a tech pack is, the less room there is for error.

Bellouco has teamed with technical designers and patternmakers in the USA who will work with you to get you "production ready."

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