2 August 2015 posted in The Bellouco Discussion on China and Beyond

Hi and Welcome to the Bellouco blog site! 

My name is Belinda Coker, the founder of Bellouco Consulting. Over the past couple of years, my business has grown rapidly, due to a high demand of people wanting help with their manufacturing efforts in China.  We now employ ten staff, with 6 based in the Yangtze Delta region. 

With over 12 years experience in offshore manufacturing, Bellouco Consulting assists people with manufacturing overseas, specifically in China and Taiwan.  We help people in several areas.  We may source a supplier for their product, or be contracted to manufacture a product on behalf of a client, or even just help clients overcome hurdles that they may be facing.  

Whatever it is you are manufacturing or thinking about producing in China, you will have issues at some stage.  It is not all plain sailing.  Most issues can be overcome, but also, many can be avoided before they even become problems, and that’s where thousands of dollars can be saved.  We get emails from people on a regular basis who are in real trouble.  

One woman called me the other day; she had not performed her due diligence in a factory.  She had put all her money into an order of a new product line.  The factory did not deliver items of the necessary value for her to recoup her outlay, let alone make a profit.  In fact, the product was so bad it could not be sold.  This woman lost over $40,000 because she had expected production and manufacturing in China to work the same way it does in the west.

I started this blog, to help those wanting to manufacture in China. We answer the same questions consistently and there seem to be so much confusion and misunderstanding on “how it all works??” So how does manufacturing in China work? Let’s start right from the very beginning and take it one step at a time.

I will walk you through the fundamentals with my first chapter of posts called Manufacturing in China 101.  I will write most posts, however, I do have a  few guest writers who will be joining me.  From shipping agents and IP lawyers through to our very own Executive Production Manager who is on the front line in the factories on a daily basis.

I’d value your feedback. Your comments are appreciated and encouraged.  If you want me to write more about a certain topic, I will certainly take note.  If you would like to contact me offline, I can be contacted at belinda@bellouco.com