About Bellouco Consulting

Bellouco Consulting has offices located in Shanghai, China and the Gold Coast of Australia and is headed by Belinda Coker, an accomplished designer, manufacturer and international marketer. 

Since 2004 Bellouco has been manufacturing in China and Taiwan, covering all aspects of sourcing and production. 

Bellouco works closely with our clients and chosen manufacturers to ensure specifications are met at all stages of development. Our western staff, based in China, maintain strong relationships with all of our factories and we ensure regular factory visits.  We work together to keep you updated on every milestone along the way.

Meet the Team

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Belinda Coker
Founder / Managing Director

Belinda lives on the sunny and always glorious Gold Coast, Australia with her 3 children. Having a passion for design and textiles from a young age, Belinda started sewing her clothes in her pre-teens, before studying pattern making and then creating her own unique designs. 

Belinda's grandmother, a prominent milliner in New Zealand, was the inspiration to start Bespoke Millinery, which Belinda ran until she started her family in 1998.  Several years later when her children were small, Belinda founded Envirosax, a world leading, and iconic designer reusable bag company after “an idea.” With her tenacious entrepreneurial spirit, Belinda grew her start-up to a multinational corporation in less than 4 years and expanded into over 60 countries worldwide.

Likes: watching the sunrise at the beach, good coffee, an excellent Shiraz, organic food and travelling to exotic places.

Best accomplishment: Her kids.

Iain Anderson
Executive Production Manager

Iain (pronounced Ian!) lives amongst the hustle and bustle of Shanghai and has done so for nearly 10 years.  As an expat in Shanghai, he has learned the “Chinese ways”, however, events and circumstances never cease to amaze him!

An authority in the rag trade, Iain started out as a tailor's apprentice back in 1966 and moved to London in the 1970’s to work on Savile Row.  Being around for the introduction of the new-fangled fabric called “Lycra” in 1973, Iain created the bespoke skin tight trousers and jackets worn on stage for the likes of Freddy Mercury, Roger Daltry and Elton John.  Back in Australia, Iain had his own successful clothing label of jackets and coats made from the traditional Aussie outdoor fabric “oilskin”, a tough waterproof canvas.

Today, Iain supervises the Bellouco staff and factory production lines, ensuring our quality control is met every step of the way.

Likes: Cheese (visitors to China, please take him some!), relaxing in far north NSW country in Australia, reading the daily Sydney Morning Herald, coming up with the joke of the day - oh and making people smile!

Best accomplishment: Being the person he is